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A selection of psychedelic products that include psilocybin mushrooms plus superfoods to nourish the nervous system and mind for a calm, powerful experience, and a strong recovery.

Designed for psychedelic-assisted therapy. Unique blends specifically for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and addiction.


    Increased Absorption

    Faster Onset

    Nervous System Support

    Nourished Recovery

    Journey Further

    Enhance your psychedelic journey with this delicious drink mix.

    Our Quest line of psychedelic products use powerful, high-quality psilocybin strains paired with superfoods and other natural ingredients for a calm, consistent experience.

    Our psychedelic products provide the best taste, highest absorbability, and the smoothest journey you can experience.

    Made in a USDA food laboratory, independently tested for purity and consistency.

    For Your Quest

    • High-quality psilocybin mushrooms
    • Super greens
    • Antioxidant Blend
    • Adaptogenic Blend
    • Immune boosting mushroom blend
    • Ph balanced for increased absorption. 
    • Probiotic / prebiotic blend

    All the Good Stuff. Nothing Else. 

    The Trufa Process

    Your standards are high. Ours are even higher.

    We take the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements through our commitment to creating quality products made from the best mushrooms and superfoods.


    Trufa products are developed in a certified organic, Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility. 


    Trufa products are Independently tested by a third-party laboratory for potency and purity. 


    Our blends are developed through extensive research and testing. Each proprietary formula is carefully created to achieve specific results for maximum health and happiness.  


    Trufa packaging is eco-friendly with a goal of using zero plastics. 


    Trufa products are crafted using proprietary extraction and blending techniques. The result is products that are the cleanest, strongest and fastest available. 


    Our super-powered mushrooms go through a triple extraction process for the highest efficacy. We blend the mushrooms’ fruiting bodies and the mycelium with other natural ingredients to achieve a symbiotic effect and faster absorbability. 

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